As April approaches it’s time for a little spring cleaning, but not just your home. It’s just as important to tidy up and clean your valuable PC and Camera kit and you will be rewarded by an improvement in both its look and performance.
Sort email into folders
Let’s start with your PC.  Check out your email’s over crowed inbox.  File important emails, such as receipts or account details in suitable named folders and save any attachments you want to keep, such as photos or documents.  Then delete all those
out of date marketing emails, the jokes you never read and the routine emails  you replied to long ago.  Try  sorting your emails by who they are from so you can select blocks of emails to  delete.  Remember to switch back to sort by date when you have finished.  Now take a look at your contacts and update or delete any that are out of  date or duplicates.  Finally make a  resolution to keep your inbox tidy by deleting messages you don’t need to keep  once you have read them!

Next take a look at the Documents and Pictures folders and tidy up the contents by filing stray items. If you haven’t already got a filing system it’s  as good a time as any to start one. Create folders for different types of documents and try organising your photos by creating main folders for each year.  Don’t forget to tidy the desktop too by deleting unwanted shortcut icons. Also consider uninstalling any software you no  longer use; updating windows and other software and running the disk clean up  and disk defragmenter

Daunted by the thought of tackling this alone?  If you would like to find out more about how to organise your PC why not book a one to one session or join a local class or workshop? 

check your memory cards
Now let’s turn our attention to your camera kit.  Start by checking your memory cards and download any forgotten images and then make sure  ALL your photos are backed up to an external Hard Drive or DVD, it’s all too  easy to forget this vital step.  You can then Format the memory cards in the camera, you’ll find this option on the menu settings.  Next empty your camera case, remove any dust or debris & wipe out with a damp and then remove and clean the camera strap too.  Next clean the camera lens using a lens cloth and suitable lens cleaner, and then the LCD screen.   If you own a DSLR remember to clean all your lenses and remove and clean any lens filters, on both sides. 

Firmware update screen
Just like your PC your camera runs on software, called firmware, and you should make sure that it is running on the latest version.  Check out the settings menu to find the version details and then visit the support section of the manufacturer’s web site to locate any firmware updates.   You should download them to a memory card and then follow the instructions in the user guide to install the firmware update.

Now give yourself a pat on the back, pick up your camera and get out a take some great spring photos, then enjoy downloading and viewing them on your newly organised PC.

For more help and advice on using your camera or PC why not book an introductory one to one session at the special offer price of just £40 for 2 hours. Alternatively why not reward yourself with a day out at a wild life or spring colour Photo Shoot and improve your camera skills.

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