It’s never easy to find the perfect Christmas present, but it’s a good time to take advantage of the many special offers in the shops and upgrade your digital camera or computer or buy a new gadget or gizmo. In case you need a little inspiration here are a few ideas:-
  • Upgrade an older digital camera to a new DSLR - The Canon 600D from £400 or the 650D from £450 with a multi angle LCD & touch screen technology are both easy to use and eligible for Canon winter cash back of up to £50. 
  • Get  a new perspective with a new lens. Choose a new super zoom such as the Tamron   18-270mm from £270 to get one lens for every moment or for the budding wildlife photographer choose a telephoto lens such as a 70-300mm from £130. Prefer a more compact option?
  • Upgrade to one of the new generation compact cameras,  popular brands such as Panasonic, Olympus, Canon and Sony all offer cameras with fantastic features and zoom capabilities to suit all pockets from £150 to £500 for a premium advanced compact such as the Canon SX40i and the new Sony RX100.
  • Improve comfort with an OpTech Pro neoprene camera strap from £15. A  welcome replacement for an uncomfortable free camera strap.
  • For DSLR owner add  a lens  filter.  Choose a UV filter  to protect the lens and reduce glare & reflection or a polarising filter to get dark blue skies.
  • Add a spare battery, a second battery is a very useful  addition to any camera.
  • A new case to hold the new camera and accessories.  Choose from rucksacks, day bags or a sling shot side bag like the one on the right.
  • Choose  a new fast all-in-one PC, laptop or sleek ultra-book for computing on the  go.  Feature packed, touch screens, TV and more including free windows 8 upgrades. 
  • Upgrade your PC to windows 8 for £25; check out the Microsoft web site for details.  
  • Add an external hard drive to back up your photos and data – 1TB from £65.
  • Subscribe to Cloud services for online backup and access to your photos and documents.
  • Create a personalised canvas,  photo book, calendar or diary online. Check out or for some great ideas and
    special offers.
  • Buy an e-reader or tablet for fast browsing and email on the go. Great for accessing data via cloud services and Wi-Fi.  Check out the new Kindle Fire & Nook e-readers or the 10” Samsung Note and 7” Asus Google Nexus Tablet or for Mac lovers the new 7” ipad. 
  • And finally don’t forget an Inspirations Training Gift certificate for a 1 to 1 session, workshop or photo shoot day out to learn how to use your new gift - available from £50. 
Canon 650D
Canon 70-300mm
Op Tech Pro Strap
Calendar Layout
Kindle Fire HD
If you’d like some help and advice on choosing a new camera, laptop or accessory or a gift certificate please feel free to contact me by email or phone.