Following the wettest July on record everyone is hoping for some holiday sun. So whether you have chosen to travel to warmer climates or will be holidaying in the UK here are a few ideas and tips to help you take the right camera with you and have a hassle free time.  
Nokia Lumia 920
When travelling it makes sense to pack essentials items and with reduced luggage
allowances choosing which gadgets to take with you is more important than ever.  Whether it’s a relaxing holiday or the trip of a lifetime you will want to take  photographs to remind you of the best bits.

The latest smart phones often come with excellent cameras offering a range of settings and options to rival many compact cameras.  They also allow you to take advantage of free Wi-Fi to keep in touch with friends and family whilst travelling and avoid expensive international roaming charges.

Tamron 18-270mm
If you are taking an SLR camera on holiday make sure it fits into a compact bag, this is essential if you are flying as it will also need to fit in your hand luggage. Start by choosing the right lens, what you intend to photograph will influence your choice, but a wide angel and a decent telephoto lens between 200-300mm will cover most subjects.  An increasingly popular choice for travel photography is a super zoom, this offers the best of both worlds by combining the versatility of  a wide angle with a decent zoom capability allowing you to get in closer, a third party lens such as the Tamron AF 18-270mm is more affordable and a can be a good investment if you travel a lot.

Another option is to upgrade an older compact camera for one that offers 14 to 30 x zoom, canon and Panasonic have an excellent range of high zoom cameras.  If you don’t mind spending more why not consider the increasingly popular travellers choice – a compact system camera with inter-changeable lens.  Smaller and lighter than a traditional SLR with many of the features, but not always a view finder, for the price of an entry level SLR these are available from Panasonic, Olympus and Nikon.  
Whichever type of camera you choose remember to pack extra storage cards; a spare battery & the charger; a polarising filter if your camera takes one and your lens hood to help combat reflection & glare.  Remember, it is safer to use several smaller memory cards than one super capacity card. If you only take one card and it is lost or stolen you will also lose all your photos.  Change your card regularly and keep used cards in a separate location to your camera! Don’t forget to check that your camera kit is fully insured before you go and make a record of the serial numbers for your kit if you haven’t already done so.   

Acer 11.6" Netbook
A Net book can be an excellent travel accessory. You can download, review and  email your photos and even phone home for free using Wi-Fi. Now relatively inexpensive at about £200, they are light weight, have lots of storage space and a proper key board making them far better value than any tablet PC with its limited use and storage.  Check out Asus, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba and HP.    
Finally remember cameras & gadgets are highly desirable to street thieves, so take care of your camera or someone else will get to enjoy your holiday snaps at your expense.