Olympic Torch Yealmpton
After a wet and windy June Summer is hopefully just around the corner, and fingers crossed, we can look forward to some relaxing days of sunshine. Despite the grey sky it was a splendid sight to see the Olympic Torch pass through our village on May 20thwith such a fantastic turn out to support them on their way. I hope you all managed to get some great photos of this historic occasion. How lucky we were to have the opportunity to see the Olympic Torch up close and personal, without barriers, cordons or crowd control. 

With the celebrations over it’s time to start planning for the Summer holidays, whether you are hoping for a great British summer or planning an escape abroad there are a few things you might want to add to your list of essentials to take with you. 

Smart Phones & Tablets 
If you own one of these then they can help you stay in touch with family and  friends without running up expensive call charges.  
Email - You can either  use the installed mail program or log on to your email online, called Web Mail,  all you need is your email address and password.  But don’t forget to add email and telephone numbers for friends and family to your contacts before you go.  
Web based free phone calls – The two main options are www.viber.com and  www.skype.com  both  let you take advantage of free Wi-Fi hot spots to call or send text messages to others with the same app on their phone, tablet or PC instead of using up your data allowance or running up an expensive bill. You will need to set your device to use Wi-Fi hot spots when available.  Many hotels, cafes & restaurants, at home and abroad, offer free internet access and some Internet Service Provider also offers free Wi-Fi hot spots when you are out and about. 

camera stabllisation
The perfect compact alternative to a  tripod for your camera. If you are travelling abroad you won’t have room for a  tripod but don’t panic you can avoid camera shake this summer and get  better  low light and night shots with this handy gadget sold b  www.7day.comor via www.amazon.com for under £15.  A great investment  the SteadyPod will stabilise a digital SLR but is still light and small enough  to use on a compact camera. 

Polarising Filter
Circular Polarising Filter
If you own a digital SLR or high end compact camera that takes filters then you really need one of these.   An essential accessory for bright sunny days it will reduce reflection from  water or glass and increase contrast and  colour to produce well exposed deep blue skies.  Readily available online from £12-30 check your  camera lens for the correct size and choose a brand such as Hoya or  Polaroid. But remember not to leave the filter on your camera all the time and only use it on sunny days!

To find out more about summer essentials book an introductory one to one session for £40 or a  full day Digital Camera Workshop for just  £55.  To get ready for your holiday and brush up  your photography skills why not join  a day out at a wild life or Garden Photo Shoot and get practical help and advice on how to get shots that wow.